A COUPLE who claim to have wrongly been given a £100 parking fine say they are prepared to fight it in court.

Steve and Rebecca Bozier were sent the penalty after cameras apparently spotted their Land Rover Discovery Sport parked in McDonald's, in Cowdray Avenue, Colchester, for three-and-a-half hours - 90 minutes over the parking limit.

But instead of shelling out the cash, the pair set about disproving Met Parking Services, by using the vehicle's in-built GPS - a gadget which shows when and where the vehicle has been.

The pair, who live off Braiswick, in Colchester have now submitted their evidence to the London-based company and their case is being reviewed.

Mrs Bozier, 43, said: "When the letter came in the post, I thought I'd done it and I was thinking, 'right, how am I going to explain this?'

"I wasn't sure about it but then Steve said about the GPS thing in the car and when he looked, it showed I had been there in the morning, for a few minutes, and again in the afternoon, just for a few minutes.

"It looks like the cameras caught one entrance and one exit but missed one exit and one entrance. What a mess."

The mum-of-three initially arrived at the McDonald's to drop off her daughter Romy, 13, at 10.52am, on Sunday, April 10.

But when they arrived there, Romy realised her meeting point had changed to the Odeon, in Head Street, and the pair left the car park at 10.58am.

Mrs Bozier then returned to the car park at 2.22pm to drop off her youngest daughter Claudia, ten, and left at 2.25pm.

She added: "I keep a diary every day and when I saw the date, I checked the diary and sure enough I'd written about dropping off the girls in town and doing a few other bits, so I knew the GPS was right."

Husband Steve added: "It raises the question, 'are these cameras patrolling car parks fit for purpose?'

"We were able to do this because the Land Rover has GPS built into it but other people might not have the ability or the time to do it and just pay the £100, which is unfair.

"The cameras are unreliable."

The 43-year-old added: "I'm happy to go all the way to magistrates' court. There is no way we're going to that fine, we are absolutely in the right here."

Met Parking Services have not officially comment on the case except to say the case is in the "review process".