AN iconic attraction which was destroyed by high-speed winds has been rebuilt and is back in action on Clacton Pier.

The 50ft-tall helter skelter has been a towering crowdpuller on the pier for years.

But it was brought crashing to the ground by vicious 70 mph winds in 2013 and was broken apart by the impact.

Pier bosses said they were committed to rebuilding the ride, which was originally built in 1949.

Now it is finally back on the Clacton horizon and in use.


Pier owner Billy Ball said: “It was brought down by the unfortunate incident and was more or less destroyed.

“It has been more than two years since it was blown over and it has been an ongoing project for our guys to get it back in place.

“They have completely rebuilt the tower in between all of their other projects, which has slowed the process down, but now it is fully restored again.”

The helter skelter was last seen in Clacton in the 1970s, before being brought back as a permanent attraction by the Ball family when they took over in 2009.


Plans are in place to add lights to the ride as the peak season approaches.

Mr Ball added: “We are constantly working throughout the season to make the offering the best it can be and we are delighted that people can get back on the helter skelter again.

“It is iconic and looks as good as ever.

“We brought it back when we took over the pier. It was the first thing we did.

“It was less of a commercial decision but we have always said it is one of the best investments we have ever made and a real beacon out on the pier.

“It was our first flag in the ground and our way of saying things were about to change for the better.

“I think it holds a lot of sentimental value, because it is an attraction that has been used by a lot of people over the years.

“To see it go back onto the Clacton horizon is of incredible importance to us, both as a business and as individuals.”