IT HAS been an eclectic week of television viewing in our house this week ranging from Britain’s Got Talent to the increasingly dark Marcella.

If it were up to me I probably wouldn’t bother with Britain’s Got Talent but with a nine-year-old in the house, it is required viewing.

If I have to watch another dog dancing I think I might chuck the telly out of the window.

It’s already been done so why do they keep putting them on ? Two have actually even strutted their stuff for royalty having scooped the prize.

Do the Queen/Prince Charles/Prince Harry actually enjoy watching animals pretend to be burglars or ballet dancers?

Equally, will they want to watch a man sliding down a pole having swallowed a huge sword which is still in his throat ?

I am not convinced they will but I am pretty sure it is not so much about the Royal Variety but more about getting your 15 minutes of fame.

Why else would people continuously ridicule themselves in front of millions of viewers ?

And increasingly we see acts celebrating as they get the required amount of yes votes to go through to the next stage – yet it is not guaranteed at any point unless one of them, or Ant and Dec, have pressed the golden buzzer.

It’s a sneaky way of making sure only a few novelty acts go through.

Still, it is all a bit of light relief away from Anna Friel scrabbling through the Hampstead Heath undergrowth investigating a murder she may well have done herself.

I was about to give up on Marcella but the third instalment had enough twists and turns to reverse my decision.

Unlike Undercover, on BBC1, it assumes London is so small, every act is in some way linked to another and, like a lot of shows, the characters do not appear to sleep or follow normal work day patterns.

I can’t see how it will keep up the pace for another five episodes but hopefully Marcella/Anna will find a reason to smile at some point.

Her facial expression is yet to change.