A "BUSTING" binman spotted taking a pee in the street on his round was hauled in front of the residents he upset and made to say sorry.

Colchester Council last night issued an apology after the culprit was outed on Twitter by one of the disgusted residents who saw him.

Unimpressed Sioux Blair-Jordan posted a picture on Twitter of the wet patch of urine left yesterday morning near her home in Buxton Road.

The binman knocked on her door with his boss while Ms Blair-Jordan was being interviewed by the Gazette about her concerns.

The red-faced council workers then went on to do the same with neighbours.

Ms Blair-Jordan said afterwards: “The lad that did it just apologised profusely.

“He said he was absolutely busting. If it is happening here, it is happening somewhere else.

“They have categorically told us it will never happen again.

“He [the culprit] was mortified but whether he was mortified he had got caught or whether it was because he had to say sorry, I don’t know.”

Suspicions that the binmen could be up to something unusual were first roused when their cart was seen waiting at the end of the cul-de-sac but there was no rubbish left there.

Ms Blair-Jordan claimed other binmen had spent a penny at the same spot in previous weeks.

She said: “They reverse right up there and whoever wants to go to the loo gets out and goes around the back [of garages] and pees on the floor.

“The lady opposite has phoned the council to complain for weeks.

“We both demanded that somebody from the council phoned us up.”

“I asked the police if anything could be done and was told to take a photo of them in the act – like I’d want to do that? ” she added.

“Kids play up there sometimes and cycle there. I have told their parents not to let them up there.

“They know it’s wrong, so why doesn’t an adult know it’s wrong.”

A Colchester Council spokesperson said: “We have zero tolerance of staff misconduct, and within an hour of receiving the complaint had identified the member of staff involved and began formal disciplinary procedures against him.

“The member of staff involved visited the resident within three hours of the complaint being made, to offer his sincere apologies.

“It goes without saying that we expect the highest standards of conduct from all of our staff at all times, and take any complaint of behaviour which falls short of our expectations extremely seriously indeed.”