BE AFRAID, Dominic Morgan is planning to terrify you, and he wants your help to do it.

Filmmaker Dominic, 44, from Colchester, is in the process of creating his first ever horror feature film.

On a shoestring budget, marketed fittingly at £6,666, he wants to make the darkest “found footage movie” since The Blair Witch Project.

The film, titled Sackbury Pitch, is about a media student who takes a camping trip to make a documentary about the dark spirit which presides over a mysterious forest.

Supporters of the film are donating their time and resources to get the project off the ground and Dominic has been accepting sponsorship deals for anything he can get: from a website, provided by Universal Web Design, a generator from HHS Hire Group, or even something as simple as a meal for the cast and crew during the shoot.

He has also set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise an extra £2,000 in cash – in return you can see your name in the credits, receive a signed DVD or even see your business’ name on clothing worn in the film.

Shooting begins on May 28 and should be finished by the June 6, leaving the film ready for Halloween and the world’s famous horror movie festivals.

For Dominic his interest in horror started back when he was a kid.

“I have always loved horror films. I'm an 80s kid and the heyday of horror was in the 80s.

“Everything was real, not all computer animation.”

When his second son was born he decided to fulfil his lifelong dream of breaking into film, so he undertook a succession of filmmaking courses at Raindance Film School, London.

His second feature, Subject 3, won a short film competition organised by MTV.

In 2009 he was stopped in his tracks, when his oldest daughter Jodi was diagnosed with severe Aplastic Anaemia.

The rare blood condition, similar to Leukaemia, tragically claimed Jodi’s life in March 2010.

Filmmaking was put on hold and Dominic and wife, Laura, organised ‘The Big Fish’ events in aid of The Sick Children’s Trust, raising more than £3,000 for the charity.

He said: “That was important for us so we didn’t slip into the depths of despair.”

Little Man, Dominic’s latest piece, is a tribute to Jodi and features her little brothers David and William as the actors, the film has just been nominated for a Belgium ‘Move Me’ short film award.

Sackbury Pitch is a little bit different and Dominic wants to make a horror film linked intrinsically to the local area.

He said: “The important thing for me is it is about using local people.”

“I have sourced everyone, all my cast and crew.”

With the help of Film Suffolk, he has signed up six crew members and four actors.

The film is being shot at two secret wood sites locally, which Dominic hopes will provide intense thrills for those watching.

He said: “We are all scared of the woods at night.

“I believe that the majority of horror films are trying too hard to tick too many boxes.

“There is too much pressure in the industry with the budgets.”

So what will Sackbury Pitch do differently?

Dominic said: “It is a slow story that creeps up on you.

“It is very, very low on gore, but the four scenes we are doing we are going to town with them.”

Dominic has spent hours of his own time making props for some of the special effects and has invested so much love and effort into the project that he no longer has time to work his other job as a chef.

All of Dominic’s supporters have a personal stake in the film, most of all himself.

He said: “I have got one chance to get it right.”

His next film will be a comedy, hopefully he will get the chance to make it.

If you think you can help out or for more information about Sackbury Pitch then please visit: