I AM going through that stage Idris Elba bangs on about in those irritating ads about watching box sets.

A beloved programme has ended – and the rumour is it will not be returning.

Yes, I have gone into withdrawal since the final episode of this fifth series of Ruth Jones’ wonderful Stella aired this week.

It is not often I get sad about things like that.

Usually even if they are favourites of mine, they have generally got to the point where they have “jumped the shark” to coin the phrase used by film and television producers for the point a show stopped being good.

I found out quite recently it actually refers to the Fonz, on the long-running sit-com Happy Days, doing just that and the point he water skied over a shark being that at which everyone realised the show had lost its mojo.

Anyway, I digress.

Stella hasn’t jumped over any marine animals that I know of.

It could easily do another five series - because you really care about all the characters and it is such an easy, comforting drama to watch that, importantly, does not take itself too seriously.

Bad things happen, but somehow it all seems to sort itself out and everyone learns a valuable lesson.

Valuable lessons might also be learned from the conclusion of Happy Valley’s second series which didn’t allow viewers to even catch their breath during the six episodes.

I hear this also might go out on a high - which is a noble idea, but sad for those like me who have been left thinking about the moral issues it raises days after it finished.

Not as many laughs as Stella, that’s for sure, but still as sadly missed.