There is a lot of quality television to be watched at the moment.

And much of it doesn’t even involve signing up for any of the subscription services.

I do have satellite television, and a year or so ago we dipped our toes in the waters of Netflix.

But whether it is just old school nostalgia or that old habit die hard on my part, I will always look to see what is on the terrestrial channels first.

And at the moment there is a high quality drama on almost every night.

The re-visited series of the X-Files might be enjoyable mainly because of a whole generation of super fans nostalgic for a show that was massive when they were in their teens but it been well worth a look.

Fans of the brilliant BBC4 comedy series Flight of the Conchords will have spotted actor Rhys Darby, who played their lovable but clueless manager, crop up in an episode a couple of weeks ago.

Happy Valley and the completely implausible but none-the-less gripping Night Manager have also continued where the BBC’s excellent War and Peace began what is obviously going to be a sterling year for drama on the BBC.

Mind you, I can’t quite work out if the Night Manager is a bit too oldfashioned or retro enough to be cool.

Are there actually people who live their lives like that ?

I will still be tuning in again on Sunday to find out how it all pans out as it has acentral character you can root for.

The same cannot be said for OJ Simpson in Real Crime Story but as a child of the Eighties and early Nineties it is good to see it played out dramatically from all points of view