IF you don’t like Ant and Dec, it isn’t a good time to be watching television.

Every time I turn on the television, it seems, I see their happy little faces.

The Brits, Saturday night takeaway. An interview with Prince Charles which involved them having a sleepover at his house.

They even did a jaunt around some of the chat shows before presenting the annual music shindig.

And Apart from Adele’s colourful language and Jess Glynn’s huge hair, they were probably the best bit about the show itself.

But then, I quite like the Geordie duo.

For one, Saturday Night Takeaway is perfect family television for a Saturday night, reminiscent of the days when the whole family could sit down and enjoy a show together.

Regardless of what you think of Ant and Dec we all have to admit having a showwhich does not involve people vying to be popstars or a judging panel of any kind is welcome.

And they are more than happy to poke fun at themselves. I wonder how they decided which of them would appear in a full on lady’s evening address in front of millions of viewers not to mention a live audience at the 02 during the Brit Awards ceremony ?

I reckon Dec owes Ant a pint or two for taking that one for the team.

I for one will be a bit sad if rumours they are to stop doing Saturday Night takeaway in favour of acting jobs are true.