A DO-GOODING dentist said he feels humbled after helping some of the world’s poorest youngsters look after their teeth in the Moroccan mountains.

Piers Lambert, the principle dentist at Colne View Dental Surgery, in Ladysmith Avenue, Brightlingsea, was part of a team of volunteers who visited children in the small village of Kilea, in the Rif Mountains last Saturday.

More than 400 youngsters who live there and in neighbouring villages were seen by the volunteers in freezing conditions over just one day.

As well as treating and removing teeth from children aged between five and 13 whose mouths were ridden with abscesses, Mr Lambert, 45, helped to distribute fluoride and toothpaste to those who need it most.

He said: “The children are living in almost complete poverty.

“They were walking down the mountains in the freezing cold wearing flip flops because they cannot afford anything else.

“There is hardly any healthcare available to them – it is frightening.

“The children were amazing; they showed so much love and trust, were so brave and many who you would never have known had problems.

“Some of them have abscesses and are in pain but they are almost used to it now.

“I found it a very emotional and humbling experience.”

The trip was organised by Dental Mavericks, a charity set up to try to end dental pain for children living in Morocco.

Mr Lambert studied with trustee Chris Branfield at Leeds Dental Surgery but only put himself forward for the trip a month before after another volunteer pulled out at short notice.

But now he plans to continue working with them.

“The plan now is to raise funds and try to go again, maybe it will be as soon as next year,” he said.

“I hope to return soon and undertake more volunteer work with these children.”