MY thirst for the unusual has led me a merry dance I can tell you.

As a young (ish) man I had one of those light bulb moments when I discovered that you don't have to sit in the theatre or go to a gallery to experience the arts.

It’s not always about looking at paintings or people dressing up in dark rooms.

Since then I've sat in taxis, kitchens, rooftops and shipping containers.

I've been blindfolded, forensically examined, had my stomach amplified, been swimming with wheelchairs, had my hair cut by children, dragged a telegraph poll down the street, baked cakes and blocked traffic.

I have killed strawberries, had my feet washed, seen shows in lifts, dungeons, attics, deserted bus depots, abandoned warehouses, family homes, tents and a beach hut.

All in the name of art darling.

One of my all time favourites though is undoubtedly the project I am hoping to bring to Colchester.

At the Edinburgh Festival in 2006 an event called Festival Scavengers brought together 50 teams to compete for a real £2,000 cash prize.

Over one day we scoured the city scavenging 100 objects each.

We made some, discovered others, ferreted around and hunted down others throughout the day.

The team with the most objects got the £2,000 cash and our efforts were put together into the most fascinating exhibition.

We had a big party and saw the city in a completely new way.

It was a hoot from start to finish.

I'd love to put this on in Colchester.

If you'd like to help me in my self appointed task of chief mischief maker in Colchester (with due deference to shrubman) you can help me bring it here by voting for Colchester Arts Centre in the big choice election online.

There’s lots of great projects on offer of course – if you want to vote just Google “Colchester Big Choice” and please put a tick by our name.