A FAMILY was left heartbroken as one of their caravans full of sentimental treasures went up in flames.

Miranda Torrens, 29, was in her caravan with her four children yesterday.

She was shocked when she saw her smaller neighbouring caravan suddenly on fire.

The caravan at Sandiacres in Long Green, Cressing, was fully engulfed in flames, and everything inside was destroyed.

Ms Torrens who was with her children Celine, 9, Willie, 6, Dorcas, 4, and Ollie,1 and a half, said: “It just went up alight, we don’t know what started it.

“It was full of very sentimental things from my father, photos, jewellery, birth and marriage certificates, all the children’s toys from Christmas.

“I was shocked when I saw what had happened. I just cried and cried and the hoses we had weren’t powerful enough, everything just went up in a second.

“We haven’t managed to save anything. Everything in there was stuff that had been passed down, I felt like my heart had burst.

“It’s just so sad as it’s all stuff that money can’t buy and will never be replaced.”


The caravan was a present from her father, given to her before he died four years ago.

She said: “It was a very expensive Carlight caravan, I don’t know what to do now.

“It could have been dangerous as the children were in the other caravan with me.

“The smoke caught Ollie and as he has asthma he really started coughing.

“We have filled two skips full of burnt stuff, every time I look at it I get more emotional.”

Two fire engines were sent from Braintree at 4.14pm, they investigated but found no exact cause of the fire.

One hose reel jet was used and the fire was put out by 5pm.