SOMETHING rather wonderful has happened in our neighbourhood.

It’s really such a simple thing but it has been lifting the spirits of everyone who has experienced it.

I call it Kirsty’s Window, mainly because it’s the window belonging to my friend Kirsty which is providing so much happiness.

The Beautiful Wife started it all off.

Well no, let’s get this right, Kirsty started it off by writing on her window, with the kind of pens you give to your children safe in the knowledge it can be wiped off if they write something a little inappropriate.

Kirsty’s children would never do anything like that - mine, on the other hand.

Now I’m not too precise on the details of whether it was Kirsty or Kirsty’s children who decided to write one morning ‘Hello Everyone, hope you have a great day!’ on their window but the BW saw it and mentioned how great she thought it was to Kirsty on the school run.

You know the kind of thing: ‘Hey, I saw your window this morning and I thought it was a really lovely thing to do. In fact it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside’ Obviously I am paraphrasing but I suspect it went something a bit like that.

Anyway, and I’m speculating here also, Kirsty must have been quite taken by the BW’s sentiments and thought about going one further because the very next morning the window had a message for us: ‘Hey DJs, have an amazing day!’ And we did because the start of it was met with that very personal and rather lovely salutation.

Now the window is greeting all kinds of people on their morning school and work runs and each time it does I’m sure a little bit of loveliness enters their everyday lives.

Which got me to thinking.

What if we got rid of the ‘What My Kids Say Each Week’ at the bottom of this column?

It’s had a good three year run, occasionally throwing up a real doozy every now and again usually by the Little Lad it has to be said.

For a while it had a life of its own where each of my children would compete for the spot and get really miffed when their humorous soundbite got bumped for someone elses.

Now they’re just bored with it.

So why don’t we replace it with the ‘Weekend Window’.

Inspired by my friend Kirsty and her window, each week, at the bottom of this column, we’ll run a greeting, message, or just a simple namecheck which might put a bit of a spring in someone’s step.

I’m going to start it all off but I’m going to need your help to keep this going for as long as possible before I have to make my children be funny again.

All I require is an e-mail with your details and then tell me what you would like your ‘Weekend Window’ to be.

For example it could be as simple as ‘Hey Mum and Dad, thanks for looking after the kids on Wednesday, have a great weekend in Munich, love Jenny’.

Or ‘Mary, I really love what you’ve done with your hair, see you on Saturday, Ben’.

Nothing too personal and really the simpler the better. Just Kirsty’s ‘Have a Great Day’ lifted the BW and I for the whole week.

Go on make someone’s Weekend.


Weekend Window: “Hey Bridget and Mark, thanks for reading my stuff, Neil.”

Send your Weekend Window to