A MOTORIST has captured another near-miss on his dash cam, two weeks after the first incident.

This time Bob Covey's hair-raising footage shows how he had to mount the pavement in Station Road, Marks Tey, to avoid a head-on smash with an oil tanker.

Mr Covey, of North Lane in the village, sent the footage to the Gazette to again highlight safety concerns since cars had been allowed to park in the street for longer.

He said: "There is going to be an accident.

"Where I had to move out of the oil tanker's way, a truck's now done it and damaged the pavement."

The Colchester Council-run North Essex Parking Partnership recently changed the parking rules.

Previously cars could only stop for ten minutes at a time.

Now pay-by-phone parking is in place at parking bays.

Mr Covey added: "It appears once these decisions are made, you can't do anything about it.

"Lots of residents are saying it is a problem.

"Someone is going to get injured and then they will wake up. It is horrendous."

A fortnight ago, Mr Covey recorded footage of him almost running over a commuter racing across Station Road to catch a train.

Mr Covey, 68, was on route to a garden centre when the dashcam in his BMW recorded the drama.

A Partnership spokesman said: "The North Essex Parking Partnership introduced pay-by-phone parking into a section of Station Road, last October. This followed advertising of the proposals and consideration of any objections that were made. The parking bays that have been altered to pay-by-phone were previously designated as ‘limited waiting’ bays and so were already used for parking areas prior to the change being made. "Other areas of Station Road remain as ‘limited waiting’ bays, to allow the setting-down and picking-up of passengers and use of the recycling bins.”