A PRIMARY school has been rated ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted after the regulator found pupils were not making progress.

Templars Primary and Nursery School, in Cressing Road, Witham, was previously rated as ‘good’ in its last inspection four years ago.

Although the latest report said the school has declined, and it criticised the school’s governors.

It said: “Underachievement is not spotted or addressed. Teaching does not ensure all pupils make good progress.

“By the end of Reception, the majority of children are not well prepared for Year 1."

Governors of the school, which has 398 pupils, were criticised for not checking the progress of disadvantaged pupils and the performance of staff.

The report said: "The teaching of reading is weak. Pupils' skills in reading, writing and mathematics are not strong enough.”

Although the report did say the newest head of the school, Sarah Stevenson, and executive head Jane Bass, are making a positive change and know what needs to be targeted.

The report, carried out in January, said: "The new head of school and executive head teacher know exactly what needs to be done.

“They have a track record of success in other schools and are determined to improve this school quickly."

Mrs Bass said she is working very closely with the Local Education Authority, and Witham MP Priti Patel, on an action plan.

She said: “We very quickly realised we were not where we should be so now we are heading upwards.

“They were all things we were aware of and now we are working very hard to ensure things are moving in the right direction and we will see rapid improvement.”

In a letter by head of governors David Faulkner on the Templars website, it said: "The governing body is genuinely disappointed about the Ofsted outcome which states that the school requires 'special measures' and requires urgent improvement. There is a commitment from myself and other parties to improve matters."