MY satelitte dish is just for decoration, I was abducted by aliens and I have a letter from the Queen are just some of the top excuses given for not having a TV licence last year.

TV Licensing has revealed the nations top most ludicrous reasons given for being caught without a licence in 2015, which include an entry from Harwich and one from Colchester.

A selection of the excuses have now been made into animations by university students - around 40 are available to view online where you can vote for your favourite.

Vote for your favourite animation at To check if a licence is needed, visit or call 0300 790 6112.

Top 10 Excuses from London and the South East

  • I don't really watch the TV. My flat is infested with insects so I use it mainly to attract them to the screen so I can swat them - Welwyn Garden City
  • My TV only goes on at night when I am asleep in case I get burgled and the burglar wants to watch it -Harwich
  • I can only see live TV when the weather is right, as my aerial coat hanger only works in certain conditions. As it is very intermittent, I don’t need a TV Licence - Basildon
  • I was abducted by aliens. As the government doesn’t believe me I'm refusing to pay my bills -Haywards Heath
  • The TV talks to me frequently and gets up and walks around the house. Once the TV stops talking to me I will then pay a licence again - Colchester
  • I am from the land of Lucifer and in my world I do not need a licence - London
  • I have a letter from the Queen making me exempt from the fee. I've lost my copy, but I'll call her later - Tottenham
  • (Talking through a glass door) Yes, I have a TV but the dog won't let me come to the door to talk to you - Cheshunt
  • We belong to a religious sect. We only use the TV to watch apparitions and also receive and communicate information to and from our God -London
  • I don't watch TV. My satellite dish is just for decoration - London