THE annual awards voted for by television fans have once again taken place.

Colchester’s favourite son, Dermot O’Leary, once again donned his black tie and a host of glamorous thesps headed to the 02 arena for a bit of a mutual appreciation society.

Or the National Television Awards as it likes to be known.

As a result of it being solely decided by the hoi polloi, all the shows that might not ordinarily gain plaudits scooped the gongs.

Step forward I’m A Celebrity and Gogglebox, the latter providing my favourite moment of the night when head of the Siddiqui family, Sid, kept talking for too long.

Fair play to the man – he was going to squeeze every bit he could out of possibly the only time he would ever get the chance to receive such an award.

Cue lots of embarrassed looks from the show’s producers stood behind him and his sons ushering a swift end to his moment in the limelight.

He didn’t care though, and that made me like him even more.

Back at the awards EastEnders won both long running drama awards and an acting nod for Danny Dyer.

I don’t watch EastEnders any more because I find it just a bit too depressing. .

But I am obviously in the minority as it won both of the major awards.

That is the thing about television, we all decide what we like and there is no right and wrong in that.

I knowmany people can’t stand Ant and Dec and feel they shouldn’t have won a 15th best presenter award – but they got the most votes so someone must like them.

I have to admit, once Billy Connolly had received his lifetime achievement award I got a bit bored and switched off.

There’s only so many EastEnders thank you speeches I can watch.