POLICE are continuing to investigate after a man in a van accosted pupils at Elmstead Primary School.

Two incidents were reported yesterday.

One, near Alresford Primary School, has been resolved to the satisfaction of police.

The second is still being taken seriously.

Parents and children have been warned to be vigilant and several schools issued advice.

At about 8.30am yesterday a man in a van approached two children walking towards Elmstead Primary School, Holly Way.

They were accosted on Church Road.

Headteacher Ian Macdonald said: "A white panel van pulled alongside two Year Six boys.

"The driver made various gestures to them."

These included trying to get the boys to get into the van.

Mr Macdonald added: "The pupils were concerned about his intentions.

"It was reported to us by the boys and parents.

"We have been in contact with Essex Police."

He had short brown hair and is thought to be aged in his 40s.

It is understood the mum of one of the boys was walking behind them.

When the driver saw this he drove away.

All the children are safe.

Schools had informed parents of an incident at about 8.15am near Alresford Primary School after two pupils were worried about an approach.

A spokesman for Essex Police confirmed officers had spoken to the school and it is thought the van was visiting the school to carry out some work.

No offence was committed.

Anyone with information about the incident by Elmstead Primary School call Essex Police on 101.