A family are furious after pranksters pole-axed an 8ft wooden bear in their garden.

Vandals have somehow toppled the ornamental bear twice - despite the fact it weighs a tonne.

"It is carved out of solid wood with a chainsaw," said mum-of-three Kathy Brisk.

"It's just standing at the end of our driveway - it's been there since Easter."

Kathy can't believe anyone could be strong enough to knock over the bear single-handed.

"You need a winch to lift it - you couldn't do it manually," she said.

"It's chained down to stop it coming to any harm.

"The first time it happened we chained it down even more firmly but now someone has pushed it over again.

"It's not something just one person could do.

"I don't know how they've done it."

Kathy, an IT support worker at Fordham Primary School, near Colchester, can't understand why anyone would target the bear. She said it had been a huge hit with neighbours in London Road, Stanway.

  • Anyone with information about the vandalism should call Colchester police on 01206 762212.