WANNABE Jedi Master Obi-Mark Kenobi is trying to use the force to clean up the streets of Clacton.

Kenobi, who changed his name by deed poll in homage to the Star Wars character, appeared in court today after chasing and threatening people with a shovel.

The 44-year-old formerly known as Mark Pitt, of Station Road, Clacton, claims he is trying to keep the dark side of drugs and violence away from the innocent and vulnerable in the Tendring town.

He claims he uses the Jedi mind trick of the threat of violence but would never, and has never, carried out his threats or hurt anybody.

Kenobi admitted the public order offence of using threatening behaviour with intent to cause fear of unlawful violence when he appeared at Colchester Magistrates’ Court today.

Speaking outside court in his Jedi outfit, while awaiting sentence, he said it was worth going to jail over Christmas if it means helping the vulnerable.

He said: “Obi Wan Kenobi was a great person, a Jedi.

“I watch the older films all the time and have been to see the new one at the IMAX in Ipswich.

“I changed my name for a new start.


“I want to stop the damage being done in Clacton, the drugs, violence, people preying on the vulnerable.”

Kenobi said he had told the police and Clacton MP Douglas Carswell about his concerns but claims nothing is being done.

“I will do anything I can to help out but I have never hurt anybody,” he said.

“I have decided to use ‘the force’ rather than actual force.

“I want to clean up Clacton.

“I know vulnerable adults there. I will pick up shovels and snooker cues to do the job.

“They do run.”

Sharon Hall, prosecuting, told the court Kenobi was chasing youths while armed with a three foot shovel and threatening to beat people and decapitate them at the Magic City Amusement Arcade on Christmas Island.

She told the court one of the victims, a woman, told the police he was shouting “I am going to cut everyone’s head off in Clacton because they are all nutters” and “I am going to cut your head off”.

He has a previous conviction for a similar offence.

In September 2014 he appeared in court after making threats and admitted a public order offence.

He had been chasing people with a snooker cue waving it around like a light sabre.

Ms Hall said: “It appears the defendant has changed his name to Mr Kenobi. He says he is a vigilante cleaning Clacton.”

Kenobi said he chose his new name because “it sounds better than Mark Solo or Mark Skywalker” and he relates to the journey of Obi-Wan Kenobi, originally played by Alec Guinness, because he is also on a journey to help people and educate.

Anna Perera, mitigating, explained he was being hounded by people at his home.

She told the court he was sorry if a woman felt threatened and he understood he cannot take the law into his own hands.

He claimed the youths were involved in illegal activities

The court heard Kenobi helps elderly people in the morning in the town and is a full time carer.

He was previously an accounts manager until he suffered a breakdown a few years ago.

Kenobi was sentenced to a community order with an eight week curfew from 6pm to 6am.

He was ordered to pay £60 compensation to the female victim and £150 court charge.

The shovel will be destroyed.