A SELF-EMPLOYED joiner has felt the force by sharing the silver screen with Jedis, Siths and Wookies in the most anticipated film of the year.

Mick Fryer-Kelsey, of Colchester Road, Elmstead Market, has filmed his part as a pirate in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens alongside stars Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill.

As well as his joining business, the 68-year-old is a renowned extra and has appeared in a live adaptation of The Simpsons and two of the Harry Potter movies.

When he was offered the chance to appear in a movie set in a galaxy far, far, away he jumped at the chance.

He said: “My agent called me asking whether I wanted to be put forward for a place in the new Star Wars film.

“I was then told I wasn’t needed but that was a mistake on their part and I had got the part and a costume was there for me.

“It was great- an absolutely fantastic experience.

“The three original films were great, I was less keen on the second set of three but this follows on from the originals so hopefully it will be good.

“I was involved in a big scene with one of the main characters and there are rumours we might be able to get parts in the next ones but I will just have to watch this space.

“I had lines which were ad libbed – they told me someone had pinched my space ship and I should go and have a pop at them.”

His part of filming began in July and ran until October at Pinewood Studios in London but all work had to stop in August because Harrison Ford, who plays Han Solo, broke his ankle on set.

Mick said he loved working with director J.J. Abrams and even joked about his role when he played music teacher Dewey Largo in a real-life version of The Simpsons.

He said: “J.J. asked me what it was like for me working with famous people and I replied saying that I was famous because I had been in The Simpsons.

“He went and looked it and then he believed me because he found my credit online.”

Mick is going to see the film at a huge cast party in London on Friday, but also booked his own tickets to watch on Friday and will be anxiously waiting to see if his part was kept in.

“It is a long time between us filming and the film coming out, and there is always a place called the cutting room floor,” he said.