A FREE climber has been filmed hanging 150ft in the air off a water tower after trespassing at the Severalls Hospital site.

Matthew Adams, 23, was pictured holding his friend’s wrist while dangling off the end of a dilapidated hospital building.

The adrenaline junkie and extreme photographer estimates he has visited the site 35 times for a variety of illegal photoshoots.

He has no plans to stop, despite breaking several bones and spending six months in hospital when a stunt went wrong two years ago.

Mr Adams, who runs the Facebook page Unexposed Exploration, said: “I have been doing the photography for about six years and like photographing different places.”

In February 2014 he fell 30ft and broke both ankles, his pelvis and his spine in two places almost paralysing him.

He said: “It is such a rush and then, when you are doing it, you feel so relaxed.

“I obviously know I could die. I know the risks.”


Severalls is one of his favourite sites.

Mr Adams explained: “It was the first place I ever explored.

“We don’t break in, but climb the fence so there is no crime, it is just a civil offence.”

Many criticise his reckless behaviour and he admits his family hate it, but he plans to continue.

He said: “I ignore the bad comments and I do tell other people not to do it.

“When you are holding on to the railings, you can be a bit nervous, but when I let go and am just hanging, I am just trying to get the shot.”


Mr Adams wears a camera on his head to get pictures and then posts them on sites.

He is unemployed, but not on benefits, and wants to make a career out of the extreme photography.

He has been criticised for risking his life again after being put back together on the NHS, but has no regrets.

Mr Adams said: “It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do something I love.

“People aren’t told to stop when they play rugby or are racing car drivers.”


He classes the water tower stunt as about a middle risk of the dangerous things he has tried.

He has been visiting the Severalls site for several years for his unusual photographs.

A spokesperson for North Essex Partnership Foundation Trust said: “The Severalls site, currently owned by the trust, is in a dangerous state of disrepair and is fenced off to protect individuals from harming themselves.

“The trust does not condone activity of this sort and much needed funds are taken from frontline services when we need to repair broken fences.

“We understand Matthew Adams is on bail with the Suffolk Constabulary for similar incidents.”