MUSICIANS have joined in harmony to make a charity album for refugees coming to Colchester.

David Lyons, a member of the Welcome Refugees Board, is a recording engineer who wanted to find a way to show his support.

He grouped together nine music acts to make an album called Music in Colchester, with the profits going to the refugees board.

The first batch of 100 albums have almost sold out and another 200 copies have been ordered.

Mr Lyons, who immigrated to Colchester 50 years ago, said: “Every member of my family in Canada is a refugee and I am an immigrant here, I was offered a job at Essex University as a computer scientist.

“I got involved with the refugees board and wanted to know what I could do.

“Colchester is hugely musically rich, and I recorded a number of songs on the album.

“A friend of mine who does graphics for a jazz club did the artwork and it looks really good.

“It’s not to everybody’s taste but it is a collection of what Colchester is about, and the musical quality is very high. I am very proud and have been lucky.”

Music featuring on the album includes jazz, songs by Colchester Symphony Orchestra, folk, contemporary, and more.

Each CD costs £6 and can be purchased through the new website, Copies are also due to be sold at various Christmas fairs and book shops.

The Welcome Refugees Board website allows members of the public to offer help through pledges.

Jean-Michel Knutsen, Volunteer at Citizens UK and member of the board, said: “The whole movement is based on people getting connected to one another and this website will help us reach many more people.

“On the website they can discover many ways to help us, either making a pledge, a donation or signing the petition.

“We are really grateful to Innotex for designing it. We have only been online for a few days and have seen a lot of members of the movement on the website, joining in with discussions on the forum.”