A MAN broke his leg after falling 30ft in a derelict hotel in Clacton.

Paramedics were called to the former Osborne Hotel, in Rosemary Road, at about 5.50am today.

Firefighters were also called to the scene because there were concerns the building was not safe.

The man, aged in his 40s, was rescued by 6.45am and was treated by paramedics before being taken to Colchester General Hospital for further treatment.

A spokesman for Essex Police said officers were also called to the scene and spoke to Tendring Council about ensuring the building is made safe.

There has been at least three fires started in the derelict three-storey building in recent months.

The Osborne Hotel was built by Clacton’s founder Peter Bruff and became the Nelson pub in 1985 and later the Sandles Inn Chinese restaurant.

It has recently been used by the homeless and has also been used as a “crack house”.

A decision to demolish a derelict historic hotel was put on hold as part of an attempt to save the building, which incorporates the first pair of villas to be built in the town.

East West Design wants to build 26 apartments and two shops at the site, but the plans include keeping the facade of the hotel, which dates back to 1871.

Manackam Anandan, who runs the Clacton News shop opposite the building, said: “The fire brigade and ambulances have been called there quite a few times.

“Something definitly needs to be done. It’s derelict and being used by the homeless.

“No one wants to come down here to use the nearby shops because of the state of the building”

Architect Matthew Briffa previously said the developer had permission to demolish the building, but wanted to work with Tendring Council to preserve some of the site’s history. He said the site was “troubled”.

Tendring Council said it is working closely with the owner of the derelict building in a bid to redevelop the site and updated plans are expected to go before the planning committee in January.

But the council added that it has also been dealing with the owner to ensure the property, which is in the town’s conservation area, is kept in a safe and secure state.

Spokesman Nigel Brown said: “The owner is responsible for the safety of anyone on the site and responsible for its security but trespassers have returned and broken into the building on a number of occasions.

“Following a recent fire at the former Sandles Inn Tendring Council instructed its own contractors to resecure the front hoardings and the rear gates overnight as an emergency measure following a request from police and that was completed.”

The owner has also been informed that a man was injured after falling 30ft inside the building.

“Tendring Council has made contact with the owner to inform him of the latest situation,” added Mr Brown.

“He has assured us that his contractors have been instructed to resecure the site.”