A CONCERNED councillor has made a complaint about a crack on a cycle path.

Martin Goss, who represents the Mile End ward on Colchester Council, says the crack in Bergholt Road is a danger to cyclists.

Mr Goss said the defect has been reported to Essex County Council several times.

He said: “The crack has been there for years and the county council keeps coming back and saying it is safe.

“Someone that does not know the area could be cycling late at night and get stuck in it.”

Lib Dem Mr Goss said the crack is about 10cms deep.

The crack is onaheavily-used route for commuters and cyclists, stretching from Propelair Way to Colchester North train station.

William Bramhill, planning officer for Colchester Cycling Campaign, said: “Essex County Council has put in what appears to be a very robust repairs policy in place and we will see the result coming through in the next few years.”