PLANS have been unveiled for a shared cycle and footpath costing £750,000 – even though no-one has asked for it.

Essex County Council wants to create the path in Mile End Road, Colchester, between Braiswick Lane and Oaks Place, where it will link to Colchester North train station.

The shared paths will be three metres wide on both sides of the road.

A cycle campaigner and ward councillor have questioned the need for the path.

Will Bramhill, planning officer for the Colchester Cycling Campaign, said: “We don’t believe the path is necessary, there are better ways to achieve a safer road.

“We are also concerned about mixing cyclists and pedestrians, some school children use the pavement, so it would be dangerous.

“We didn’t ask for this and we are worried the council is putting in cycle paths where they are not needed.”

Martin Goss, councillor for Mile End, said: “Nobody has asked for this.

“It is completely bonkers and a total waste of money.

“There is no proof it is needed and there are more important routes that need a cycle path.”

Work is scheduled to start in January and should take about three months to complete.

When asked if anyone has requested a cycle path, an Essex Highways spokesman said: “North Colchester is an area which is rapidly expanding with many new housing, leisure and business developments planned in the next few years.

“We are looking at schemes to ensure there are sustainable transport links between this new development and Colchester station and town centre.

“The Mile End Road scheme is one of them.”

The council said the proposed cycle path is not part of the 1,600- home development underway on fields off Mile End Road, known as the Chesterwell development.

About 100 homes will be built a year, taking the completion date to 2032.

The proposals will be unveiled at a public information event at Queen Boudica Primary School in Cowper Crescent on Tuesday from 4pm to 8pm.