A PEACEFUL protest including a flotilla of boats will be held on Mersea Island by campaigners fighting against a new nuclear power station at Bradwell.

Campaign groups are joining forces for the Fight Against Bradwell – Fab.

A spokesman for the group said: “Amid growing fears Bradwell is about to be handed over to the Chinese to build a new nuclear power station, people of the local communities, including Mersea Island and Maldon areas, are uniting.

“With a Chinese delegation, including China’s president, due to visit the UK in October, people feel now is the time to really show their opposition and make their voices heard.

“Protesters will gather on the beach opposite the current power station, while a flotilla of boats and all manner of seafaring vessels, will join the protests on the river.

“Hundreds are expected to take part, as support grows by the day.”

The protest will take place during the afternoon of Sunday, October 4, from 3.30pm near the monkey steps.

Banng – Bradwell Against New Nuclear Group – and the Black Water Guardians are among the groups organising the protest.

The protest follows an announcement by Chancellor George Osborne.

During a trade mission to China, he signalled China would be allowed to build a new nuclear plant as part of a co-operative venture worth tens of billions of pounds.

The site has been earmarked for a nuclear power station and was bought by EDF, originally a French energy company, but now partially Chinese owned.

Hinckley Point is likely to be the first joint venture nuclear power station.

Retired oyster fisherman Alan Bird voiced his concerns about the future of marine life in the Blackwater estuary if the plans for Bradwell go ahead.

He said: “Natural England took a lot of trouble to name the site as a marine conservation area.

“If a new power station is built that will destroy the Blackwater.

”I think there is grave concern about the future of the marine life.

“Oysters have been the work of the Blackwater for centuries and that will be at risk.”