ANEWCOMER to Colchester is eager to find funding for a new dodgeball team – the Colchester Cannons.

Chris Ault, 25, moved to New Town a month ago, but is already missing the fun he had playing dodgeball with his friends in Aberdeen.

He has come up with the idea to start a new team, the Colchester Cannons, to get more people to experience the exciting game.

Mr Ault said: “I want to do it for fun to start off with.

“We had no intentions of becoming a team in Aberdeen, it was more the idea of spending evenings with friends.

“It is still just an idea at the moment – until I get funds for initial start up equipment.

“It has had a lot of interest already and it will definitely have a lot of local people behind it.”

Mr Ault tried to get in contact with the current team, the Colchester Eagles, but did not get anywhere.

He then got in touch with the UKDBA, the UK Dodgeball Association, which provided him with information on funding.

He needs £150 for equipment and hall hire. After that he is hoping to eventually go into tournaments.

He said: “I have just been contacting people from businesses and charities asking for help.

Eventually I can put up posters and arrange social events.

“I need a team presence first to make that happen.”

! If you would like to help Mr Ault, or would like more information, contact him at csault@ or visit the Colchester Cannons Facebook page at facebo o k . c o m / C o l c h e s t e r cannons?fref=ts