A GROUP of gaming enthusiasts are preparing to launch a mobile phone app.

Frazer Merrick, Scott Taylor and Aidan Randall have set up Teaboy Games and will release the app today.

The boys described their puzzle game, called Fallen, as a cross between Tetris and pinball.

Players must spin a wheel and match balls to the right colour as they fall.

The team met through the Games Hub programme, a scheme run by Essex University, East Enterprise Hub and Essex County Council in the Knowledge Gateway development in Colchester.

In the lead-up to their launch, the team displayed at the Norwich Games Festival and at Radio 1’s Big Weekend. They have also been trying to promote the game in quirky ways, including sending out branded teabags.

Frazer said: “It’s really hard to stand out. There is so much competition. The feedback we’ve had is that people are enjoying it. There is a mixture of anxiety and excitement in equal measures.”

The game will launch today on Android and iOS, with more information available at teaboygames.com