A COMPANY has launched offering help to African families in Colchester as they adapt to life here.

Jacqui Giatu and Rachel Wainaina-Walton have set up African Families in the UK, known as AFiUK.

The community-interest company holds workshops and seminars to help families with parenting styles and cultural family practices in Britain.

AFiUK also holds meetings with professionals, including the police, social workers and other support agencies.

The company also has a base in Oxford and plans to be a nationwide organisation. Rachel said: “We saw the need for such a community-interest company to partner with statutory bodies such as police, social services, children’s centres to gain access to and the trust of minority groups so the bodies can make their services more accessible to all.

“Oxford and Colchester are the beginning.

First we will reach out to African families and then to the wider community.”

Rachel said the company will act as a signpost for families to connect with services already available in the community, and promote cultural awareness.

AFiUK launches on October 3 at Firstsite, Colchester, with an event between midday and 5pm.

The launch takes place during Black History Month.

Rachel added: “It is symbolic for us since it is the time we honour black men and women who have contributed to the UK’s creativity, economic, social, spiritual and political landscape.”

To find out more, visit african familiesuk.wix.com/afiuk or email africanfamiliesintheuk@gmail.com