THE Clacton Airshow will still go ahead next week following a fatal vintage jet crash during a show in Shoreham on Saturday.

At least 11 people are now thought to have lost their lives when the Hawker Hunter jet plummeted into cars on the A27.

Tendring Council said the annual Clacton Airshow will go ahead as planned on Thursday and Friday.

A Hawker Hunter jet had not been due to fly at the coastal show which is expecting to attract tens of thousands of people.

Nigel Brown, Tendring Council's Communications Manager, said: “Our consultants are currently working at the Bournemouth Airshow which continued as normal today.

"At this point in time nothing has changed as far as Clacton is concerned but any guidance put out by the Civil Aviation Authority following the incident at Shoreham will obviously be taken on board.

“While this terrible crash does not directly affect us, our thoughts very much go out to the family and friends of anyone who died, was injured or affected by the incident.

“Those running and organising airshows are a very tight knit community and most people know each other and we can only start to imagine what they have gone through this past day or so.”

Mr Brown said that Clacton is a different type of show to Shoreham as the majority of the flying takes place over the sea rather than land.

“However, there will be no complacency and those people directly involved in the flying displays will be going through all the normal checks and procedures that take place before any event of this kind,” he added.

“Tendring Council works extremely closely with all the Emergency Services throughout the year and during the event to ensure that robust safety measures are in place. Safety is – and always will be - our primary concern at all times.”