Could you answer some questions from an Eleven Plus paper from the 1940s?

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1) A woman who had fallen into the water was dragged out in a drowning condition by a man, but she did not thank him because:

A) She never felt thankful for small things.

B) She did not know the man well enough.

C) She was feeling better.

D) She was still unconscious

2) A motorist leaves home at 10.15am and drives at 32 miles per hour. He stops for lunch from noon to 1.45pm and then continues his journey at 30 miles per hour. How many miles has he travelled by 5pm?

3) An aeroplane uses 100 gallons of petrol for a flight of 150 miles. How far could it fly using 40 gallons?

4) Choose the word which means the most opposite to the word 'MIRTH'.

A) Sorrow

B) Indifference

C) Glee

D) Apathy

5) Select the option which has the sentence with the most suitable grammar.

A) Was it he whom had a house burn down?

B) Was it he whose house burnt down?

C) Was it he that had a house burn down?

D) Was it he who's house burnt down?

6) Choose the correct homonym to complete the following sentence. 'You need to (????) the salmon for at least five minutes'.

A) Sere

B) Seer

C) Cere

D) Sear


1) D

2) 153.5 miles

3) 60 miles

4) A

5) B

6) D