The Special One tucked into a Quarterpounder meal during a trip to Tendring.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho signed autographs and posed for pictures at McDonalds in Weeley.

Football's famous manager had a Quarterpounder meal and ordered Happy Meals for his children, Matilde and Jose Junior.

Football-mad Sean Hillier, who plays for Clacton Town and is a coach at Colchester United Community Trust, spotted the Portuguese star on Wednesday at about 8.30pm.

When the starstruck 25-year-old asked Mourinho why he was in the area, he replied: "My daughter, my daughter."

Mr Hillier said: "I was in the drive-through and saw a family and thought 'hang on a minute, I recognise him'."

"I wanted to get his autograph so I grabbed my pen and my McDonalds bag.

"I waited until he finished his phone call and asked him for his autograph and he said 'no problem'.

"He was very straight-faced, a bit moody, but he was polite enough to sign an autograph and pose for a picture so fair play to him."

Paul Miller, McDonalds assistant manager, said staff are still excited about meeting the soccer boss, who famously told a press conference he was the "Special One" shortly after joining Chelsea from Portuguese side FC Porto.

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