COLCHESTER’S Waiting Room is set to reopen on Friday after a three-month break.

The former bus station building, in Queen Street, will continue to be used as a workshop, cafe and performance venue.

The project’s founders took a break, which coincided with the temporary closure of the adjacent Firstsite art gallery, to decide how it could be used over the coming months.

Marc De’ath, project co-founder, said: “The site is due for development and we were coming to the end of our initial lease agreement with Colchester Council.

“It is run as a community project and it wasachance to review what worked.

“We had conversations with the council about its plans for the site, so we took a step back over Christmas.”

Mr De’ath said the team is on a “meanwhile lease” to use the building, until the space is turned into a hotel and restaurant by developer Building Partnerships.

He said it is likely the team will use the venue for most of 2015.

He said: “During 2013/14 the Waiting Room team and its partners had the incredible opportunity to to try out so many different things."