A SECTION of Roman wall, which has been kept in storage for more than 30 years, is going to be unveiled.

The Colchester Archaeological Trust is opening its doors for the summer season.

Visitors to Roman Circus House will be able to see artefacts, including one of the earliest sections of Roman wall, which was found during excavations in the Culver Square in 1982.

The wall has been in storage since its discovery, but archaeologists from the trust are now restoring it.

Trust director Philip Crummy said: “It is one of the first examples of a mortared wall and it is significant.

“It is an interesting part of the original barrack blocks.

“It is about 4ft long, 2ft wide and one and a half feet tall.

“It would have come from an important part of the fortress, the barrack used by the most senior centurion.

“It has been in the museum’s storage for the past 30 years, but we will have it on display.”

The foundations of the Roman chariot circus, which were discovered by the trust while excavating the former garrison site, will also be on display in the gardens of Roman Circus House.

A walkway has been created to the gardens of the nearby Sergeants’ Mess, under which lie the foundations of the starting gates to the chariot arena.

Replica stumps of the eight gates have been created and a screen will go up in the garden to show how the arena would have looked in Roman times.

Mr Crummy said: “When people walk across, they will get an idea of the scale of the circus and realise how big it really was.”

Roman Circus House will be open from March 28 from Tuesday to Saturdays.