COLCHESTER MP Sir Bob Russell wants the regulation of drones to be reviewed.

LIb Dem Sir Bob said the unmanned flying machines posed a security threat and were an invasion of privacy.

He made the call during Home Office Questions in Parliament.

He said: “Unmanned aerial vehicles, which provide a growing security threat, invasion of privacy and potential criminal activity, are a matter of great concern.”

Mike Penning, Home Office Minister, promised the growing use of such aerial devices would be looked at.

Sir Bob, speaking afterwards, said he was aware of one report in the Colchester area during the Christmas holiday that showed Civil Aviation Authority regulations being flouted.

He felt the increasing use and availability of drones posed serious concerns.

Sales of drones in the UK have increased to between 1,000 and 2,000 a month.

Colchester’s A1 Models, in London Road, stocks drones from £59, which can have a camera or toy rocket launcher attached.

Larger drones have been used in military operations, to map terrain and Amazon is testing delivery drones to drop packages from its warehouses to your door.

They can reach thousands of feet in the air and hit speeds of up to 50mph.

The laws to protect use of air space are hardly ever enforced, with recent reports of drones causing aeroplanes to take evasive action.

The Civil Aviation Authority prohibits flying drones within 150m of built-up areas, or higher than 400ft, or further than 500m from the operator.