COLCHESTER is one of the most car-dependent places in England, according to new research. 

Pressure Group, the Campaign for Better Transport has listed Colchester residents as the country's second most motor dependent. 

In one section, the town scored lowest of the 29 chosen towns and cities because it has the least number of people who are able to get to primary school, work or to the town centre by walking or public transport. 

Researchers also said the town "has bad accessibility and planning", adding just 1 per cent of workers commute to work by bike five times a week. 

The towns and cities were chosen by identifying the three largest urban areas in each of England's eight regions. 

Other places where not having a car can be a real disadvantage include Swindon, Wigan, Bradford, Derby and Dudley in Worcestershire.

London, with its extensive public transport network, is considered the least car-dependent location.

The group rated each location on

  • Accessibility and planning
  • Buses and trains quality and uptake
  • Cycling and walking as alternatives
  • Driving and car use