PARENTS of sick children have been hearing how a doctor sexually abused them metres from where they stood.

Children’s doctor Myles Bradbury, 41, of Herringswell, Suffolk, is due to be sentenced on Monday after the full extent of his betrayal was revealed today at Cambridge Crown Court.

Bradbury, who was based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital but ran clinics at Colchester General Hospital, has already admitted 25 offences against children.

They include sexual assault, voyeurism and possession of more than 16,000 indecent images.

18 victims have so far come forward, all aged ten to 16, including children with haemophilia, leukaemia and other serious illnesses.

Bradbury would try and see them alone or abuse them behind a curtain while parents stood the other side unaware.

John Farmer, prosecuting, told the court Bradbury had a “longstanding, unlawful, sexual interest in boys".

He said: "The defendant, through the trust he had acquired, circumvented the procedures and encouraged a number of young patients to see him alone.

"It was in these circumstance under the guise of legitimate examinations he went entirely beyond the bounds.

"On some occasions, when he failed to exclude the parent, he simply carried on behind the curtain behind which the boy had gone to remove his clothes."

The offences took place between 2008 and 2013.

Bradbury was finally identified and arrested a year after information was sent about him from Canadian authorities to British authorities who didn’t immediately act on it.

Some of the victims, abused by the married man who was also involved in Scout and church groups, spoke out in court about being betrayed by a man who was supposed to help them with their serious medical problems.

Angela Rafferty, mitigating, said Bradbury accepted his behaviour was “repugnant”.

She said: “He knows he will not get any understanding or forgiveness because what he did was unforgivable.

"His medical life may have done some good at some time but that means nothing now.

"He accepts that was the life which allowed him to commit those offences."

Bradbury has been warned to expect a substantial jail sentence on Monday.