A BARGE owner has admitted his noisy party might have kept students living nearby awake, but has not ruled out a repeat.

Richard Nicholson hosted a Halloween celebration on his boat at King Edward Quay, Colchester, on two nights last weekend Residents in the Maltings flats complained drum and bass music was playing from 11pm to 8am.

Mr Nicholson, 36, said: “We had a bit of a do for Halloween, but no one knocked on the door.

“The police came down and were cruising past, but there wasn’t any trouble.

“I have been here three years and there has never been any trouble.

“We had been getting ready for this weekend for the past three weeks, getting the boat done up inside.

“There has been a bit of music on previous weekends but the sound system wasn’t put in until last Thursday.”

Mr Nicholson contacted Colchester Council yesterday after complaints about the noise were highlighted in the Gazette.

He said he clarified what happened with the council and an officer is due to visit him.

Mr Nicholson said it is ironic that students have been complaining.

He said: “When it was freshers’ week it was a nightmare, but I just let the students get on with it. The students were invited at the weekend, it is not like they didn’t know anything about it.

“I went to the Spinnaker pub too and told students they were welcome to come over.

“I wanted to make them feel welcome – I have shot myself in the foot.”

Mr Nicholson declined to say if he intended to host any more parties onboard the boat, named Blacksmith.