Motorists are being urged to be aware of deer running into rural roads this autumn.

Accidents involving deer peak during the breeding season in October and November, when males become more territorial and aggressive, causing young deer to disperse from their breeding areas.

In Essex, between 10 and 15 accidents each year are linked to the presence of deer.

The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) is warning drivers to look out for unexpected hazards when driving through woodland areas.

CLA Eastern regional director Nicola Currie said: “Deer can appear as if out of nowhere and can either freeze in your headlights or panic and run across both lanes of traffic.

“Road users should pay attention for any signs warning of the dangers of deer on the road and slow down accordingly.

“These are large animals and hitting them at speed will not only damage your vehicle but also put your life in danger, together with the lives of your passengers and other road users.”

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