CHINESE nuclear power giants want to build an atomic reactor at Bradwell, it has been claimed.

The site, home to the partly decommissioned Magnox power plant, has emerged as a favourite for a new Chinese-built and designed plant, according to a report in the Sunday Times.

Andy Blowers, chairman of the Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group, said: “We alerted people some months ago to the fact the Chinese were possibly eyeing up Bradwell.

“It could still be speculation as there have been discussions about other sites in the UK.”

He said the only thing which made it more than just a rumour was the fact the Chinese would like to build their own power plant or plants.

China General Nuclear Power Corporation and China National Nuclear Corporation have already agreed to help finance Britain’s first new atomic power plant for nearly 20 years.

It will be built by the utility company EDF at a cost of £16billion at Hinkley Point, in Somerset.

China General and China National also pushed for permission to build their own plant in Britain.

In June, Prime Minister David Cameron signed an agreement with the Chinese premier Li Keqiang which paved the way for such a plant.

In 2010, the Government identified eight sites where new plants could be built.

Industry sources have reportedly said an EDF development site adjacent to the plant at Bradwell, overlooking the Blackwater Estuary, had emerged as the leading contender in early talks.

Mr Blowers said in light of the speculation, he would write to the Government’s Head of New Nuclear Policy seeking clarification, as he felt the public needed to know what was happening at Bradwell.

Any development of a Chinesedesigned nuclear reactor on British shores is still years away.

The agreement between EDF and its partners to build the Hinkley Point reactor, which will take a decade to construct, still has to receive approval from Brussels.

EDF yesterday declined to comment.