UKIP was the most popular party among Colchester voters in this year's European election.

In total, 35 per cent of counted votes in the borough went to the party, which won three out of the seven available seats for the East of England.

In Colchester, the Conservatives won 28 per cent of the vote and Labour received 15 per cent.

The Liberal Democrats got 11 per cent of votes and the Green Party won ten per cent.

In total, 45,439 voters in Colchester took part in Thursday's poll.

East of England results - elected MEPs

John Agnew (UKIP)

Tim Aker (UKIP)

Patrick O'Flynn (UKIP)

David Campbell Bannerman (Conservative)

Vicky Ford (Conservative)

Geoffrey Van Orden (Conservative)

Richard Howitt (Labour)

European election votes in Colchester borough

An Independence from Europe: 695

British National Party: 294

Christian Peoples Alliance: 317

Conservative Party: 12,680

English Democrats: 542

Green Party: 4,543

Labour Party: 6,715

Liberal Democrats: 5,049

NO2EU: 115

UK Independence Party (UKIP): 14,489

Total: 45,439