STREET artists have taken over an underpass plagued by graffiti vandals.

The move is in a bid to discourage people from painting offensive messages on the subway, near to Peto Avenue, in Mile End.

Artist Scott Irving was approached by Martin Goss, borough councillor for Mile End, to carry out the work.

Mr Scott said: “We were working on another project in Colchester when we were asked to take part and we jumped at the chance.

“For us, it was a nice project, because it was so difficult.

“We needed to get the balance right between ‘street’ and more traditional murals, so everyone using the subway would be happy.”

The new art shows a European dragon, a woodland scene and some street art.

Mr Irving joined Sean Dipper and Gemma Rose to start the work last Tuesday. The £2,000 project was completed on Saturday.

The team, from Brave Arts, in Southend, have also worked on stairwells in car parks in Osborne Street and Nunns Road, Colchester.