RADICAL proposals to relocate Colchester North railway station to reduce congestion have been put forward... but it would cost £100million.

Beverley Davies, a borough councillor, admits the idea to build a new station in Cowdray Avenue, is “pie in the sky”, but she said motorists are fed up with traffic jams near Colchester North station and extreme ideas are needed.

Mrs Davies said the former Cowdray Centre site would provide the best location due to its proximity to the town centre.

She said: “Move the station. It is the most obvious thing.

“Cowdray Avenue would be a perfect place for a lovely new station.

“People would get off the train and would know exactly where they are. There would be a good link to Castle Park from there.

“The old station would be sold off and the money from the sale and car parking would go towards the cost of the new station.

“You wouldn’t get that pinchpoint you get under the railway bridge at North Station.”

Mrs Davies’ idea comes after Lib Dems in Colchester launched an online petition urging Essex County Council to take immediate action to relieve congestion around North Station roundabout.

Colchester Cycling Campaign, which supports the petition, urged people to come up with the most radical, bus, bike, and pedestrian-friendly proposal they could.

Mrs Davies said: “It is very pie in the sky but, as I see it, someone has got to have an idea to start it off.

“It may happen 50 years down the line, or it may never happen, but it is having that idea and putting it out there.

“I am not afraid to say things other people might think are stupid. ”

The Cowdray Centre was ravaged by fire in 2006. Last year Morrisons indicated an interest in the site.