LOOK what the cats dragged in! Eric and Ernie are a couple of real cat burglars.

They have have been snatching anything they can get their paws on.

The mischievous moggies’ haul includes three pairs of shoes, a pair of slippers, a hat, a pair of gloves, two odd socks and even underwear.

Owner Margaret Boddy has apologised – and wants to find the owners.

Mrs Boddy, 67, said: “They bring something in every day. If it’s not clothes, it’s a newspaper, a plastic bag or a shoe.

“The first time they went next door and stole a shuttlecock from their grandchildren playing badminton.

“After that, we had a pair of slippers and it’s gone on from there.

“We have had shoes, T-shirts, a swimming costume, a blouse, slippers and knickers.”

The cats were adopted by Mrs Boddy and husband Eddie, of Marlborough Road, Braintree, four years ago. The couple have managed to return most of the stolen items, but have no idea where the recent loot has come from.

Mrs Boddy said: “Our neighbour has two sons and her husband saw a Cub Scout uniform being dragged over the fence, but managed to retrieve it. Eric and Ernie bring in mice and frogs, but clothes seem to be their favourite.

“Luckily, we have lovely neighbours and they know the cats, so they think it’s quite funny.

“I think Eric and Ernie are going further afield now, as we’ve knocked at our immediate neighbours and these things don’t belong to them. It’s really interesting for us, as you never know what they will bring in next.”

If you recognise the items, email Mrs Boddy at margaret_boddy@hotmail.com