STUDENTS have voted against flying the British flag at Essex University.

Alex Georgiou, an international relations student, and two friends, wanted to fly the Union Flag above the Albert Sloman library.

Alex’s motion was thrown out after a vote at the Student Representative Forum.

Opponents said the flag represented imperialism with British soldiers killing people in the name of the flag.

Alex resigned from his post as campaigns officer at the Student’s Union after the lost vote.

He said: “I was angry at the result and their arguments were fundamentally unfair towards Britain.

“We are a British institution subsidised by British people and we should feel proud in this country.

Even decisions about not having a flag can still be made as a free country.

“It’s their right to make that decision, but I think it’s the wrong one. It’s not just about British pride, but also for international students to welcome them to the country and recognise they are at home and making a valuable and positive contribution to this country.”

Alex said the British flag was not the only flag which could fly above the university. He said: “On certain national holidays, or events such as Gay Pride for example, you could also put another flag up there replacing the Union Flag or have it next to it.”

Lawrence Walker, chairman of the Black History Month Colchester committee, supported Alex’s idea. He said: “The red, white and blue flag should fly over the library. It’s representative of the countrywe live in.

“People who live here, who are not yet British citizens, should have the same feelings because they accept this is their new home.”