A CALL has gone out to reclaim Colchester’s reputation after a battering by a TV series focusing on its nightlife, and hospital revelations.

Eric von Broen, a director of Destination Colchester, says the town should shout more about its history and heritage in order to attract more tourists.

The Dutch Quarter resident believes the UK must see more to Colchester than the images of late-night disorder seen on Channel 4 series Bouncers this month.

He said, for example, unlike other towns and cities, visitors travelling along the A12 see no brown tourism signs advertising Colchester’s historic attractions.

Mr von Broen is now appealing for help to design a leaflet to be distributed around the town and further afield to improve Colchester’s image.

He said: “Colchester needs much more promotion.

“I’m really upset we always get bad press with the hospital and also the TV programme about our bouncers.

“Colchester is seen as a garrison town and for its nightlife, but nobody really knows what history we have to offer.

“I travel all around England and nobody knows about our sites.

“We need to reach people coming from London and elsewhere who would be prepared to spend some money in our restaurants.”

Mr von Broen said Colchester Council’s tourism team already did a good job on a limited budget, but he believed the private sector could do more to promote the town.

He wants designers, printers and anyone else to help create the leaflet highlighting Colchester’s historic attractions.

These include Colchester Castle when it reopens next spring, the Roman Circus, St Botolph’s Priory and Church, Tymperleys, St John’s Abbey Gatehouse, the Dutch Quarter and the Roman walls.

He added: “There is no public money, so we private people have to do it ourselves.”

To offer help, e-mail ericbvbroen@aol.com