A MAN who thought police were bugging his home was found dead, an inquest heard.

Police broke into James Worgan’s home in Chinook, Highwoods, Colchester, on January 18 after concerns he had taken an overdose of medication.

Mr Worgan, 43, had a history of mental health problems and suffered from loneliness and anxiety.

He was found hanged at his home four days later.

A post-mortem examination by Dr Paul Conn found Mr Worgan died from the pressure to his neck.

He had also taken a cocktail of drink and drugs, both prescribed and recreational, and had a number of cuts to his body, but they had not led to his death.

Mr Worgan’s mother, Christine Nash, told the inquest he had often told her he feared police were bugging his room and she was involved in a conspiracy against him. She tried to convince him to put the unhappy thoughts away.

She rang the emergency services after Mr Worgan told her he had taken an overdose and when police could not get a response on January 18 they broke in to check he was OK.

Mr Worgan was not home, but on his return from a shopping trip he spoke to a paramedic and was taken to Colchester General Hospital for a check-up.

The Chelmsford inquest, overseen by assistant coroner Eleanor McGann, continues today and is expected to last four days.