MAPS of the London Underground have gone on display at Wivenhoe station.

The latest exhibition at the station combines psychology, map design and art created by Max Roberts, a lecturer in psychology at Essex University.

It is part of the Off the Rails literary and art project run by the station adopter George McKissock with the help of volunteers.

Some of the maps include a Christmas feel, with one using different colour tinsel to create the various lines.

An embroidered map, created by his partner Liz Newton for the cover of his book on the subject, is also featured.

Mr Roberts, 46, said: “Although trained in psychology I have been interested in maps and a collector for many years just as a hobby.

“I have always argued the underground map is a bad design, but while some of my works tackle this others take just the best parts rather than inform.

“There are probably more underground maps on people’s walls than in their pockets, and it has become an industry in its own right with Lego maps and all sorts.”

Mr Roberts has lived in Wivenhoe to 20 years and said he is pleased to be involved with the station project.

He said: “It is a busy station so it will be good for people to see the maps.

“I have had exhibitions before and it is really interesting to see the public response.

“Two strangers will start talking about it, which is an artist’s dream.”