PETER De-Vall was a green 16 when he started his first day at Woods of Colchester’s.

Little did he know 50 years later he would still be there with no thoughts of retiring.

With barely a day of illness, Peter, 66, has overseen many changes in the company to see it become Flakt Woods.

In the early days he learnt how to make motors inside out in the winding shop.

Nowadays he builds fan motors.

Peter, of Westlands, Colchester, said: “It doesn’t at all feel like 50 years.

“Everything has been enjoyable and I have lots of friends.

“At the time it was just a matter of getting a job. I’d had a few jobs, including being a milkman, but my brother got me this one.

“I stuck at it and never thought of leaving.”

Peter is the company’s longest standing employee, beating some members of his own family who he has worked alongside.

He has seen it move from Tufnell way to several locations, ending up at Cuckoo Farm Business Park.

He also was one of 13 lucky workers who won a share of £51,000 on the lottery when they played as a syndicate.

Peter and his wife Carol spent it on a holiday.

It wasn’t all plane sailing though.

Peter was involved in an accident in the 1990s when a propella flew into his leg.

It only just missed an artery and bone, leaving Peter with 18 stitches on the inside and outside of his leg.

He said: “It healed up quite nicely. It wasn’t all health and safety like nowadays. I just got on with it and came back after three weeks.”

Peter puts his success down to working hard, something he says is sometimes lacking today.

He said: “It was hard work everyday. If you want a job it’s up to you to keep it.

“I’ll take every day as it comes, as long as my wife and I are still in good health, and happy, then I will be happy to continue to be here.”