A TEENAGER was so worried about children running across roads on her estate, she organised a safety awareness day.

April Crooke, 17, who works in Ardleigh, decided to act when she narrowly avoided knocking over her sister Caitlin, nine.

April, of Blade Road, Colchester, organised a safety day on the New Braiswick Estate.

She said: “I kept coming home from work and seeing all the kids on the estate running in front of cars.

“A number of times I’ve had a near miss and once it was my sister.

“It’s a new estate, but it’s getting busier and it’s just going to get worse.

“They don’t think to look because they don’t think it’s busy, but car drivers aren’t always looking for kids when you turn a corner of a new estate. It’s really dangerous.”

She enlisted the help of two friends and Mile End councillor Martin Goss to organise the awareness day.

About 15 children joined British Transport Police officers, St John Ambulance first aiders and Scout leaders for the halfterm event.

The youngsters got first aid tips and visited danger spots on the estate to learn how to cross the roads safely.

April said: “I’m really pleased. I only expected a few kids to turn up, but they came and they took everything on board.”

Mr Goss said: “It’s fantastic to see young people coming together, being community minded and thinking about their younger siblings.

“I was impressed with the young adults involved in the course – they were absolutely outstanding and a real credit to the future.”